A new HA dermal filler product is to officially launch onto the UK market in October.

FDA-approved Revanesse, from Canadian medical technology company Prollenium, uses smooth, biocompatible spherical particles with low levels of modification, which the manufacturer says reduce irritation, pain and swelling due to their smaller surface area, while holding “the most amount of volume”.

The filler also undergoes a purification process to remove floating BDDE and impurities after being wet milled and sieved to produce a uniformly cross-linked gel that is designed to degrade at an even rate.

Available in 1.2ml syringes, the range includes four variants with different sphere sizes for multiple indications: Kiss, for the lips; Contour, for the deep dermis to subcutaneous layers; Shape, for the supra-periosteum; and Ultra, for the mid to deep dermis.

Revanesse is supported by a nurse advisory group led by Sharon Bennett, aesthetic nurse practitioner and chair of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN). She said: “Safety and performance are key for me. The fact that Revanesse has received FDA approval in the US gives me reassurance that it is a safe and reliable product.”

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